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Thabitha Kalondi who’s family hail from Congo and West Africa has been in Cape Town for 12 years. She has recently put in a huge amount of effort to swell the coffers of StreetSmart.  In this, her 8th year since joining as a founder staff member of Gold, she has moved their contribution from R1500 to R5,641 IN ONE MONTH!


As an experienced  waitron she, on her own volition, decided to address groups which visit Gold.  She first makes sure that the guide or tour leader is happy for her to do so.  Then she makes a short passionate presentation about StreetSmart and work that is being done, requesting the visitors to make donations into a basket which is passed round.


When interviewed last week she said: “ No child deserves to be on the street, if my children, Blessing(13), Josephine(8) and Samuel(4) landed on the streets for some reason, it is good to know that someone would be there to help.”


She ended by saying that we should all love what we do, and that helping others makes all the difference to how we feel in life.


Did you know!

Your donation to StreetSmart can be offset against your tax.

Should you need a tax receipt, please request one from our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

A message from our founding Patron

The Arch and more kids LOW RES
"It gives me great pleasure to support StreetSmart South Africa.  So when you are enjoying an evening out with good foods, good wine and good company, reflect on how your life is enriched.  Then do a kind thing.  Give to StreetSmart.  God bless you."

Desmond M Tutu Archbishop Emeritus

Founding Patron of StreetSmart South Africa


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