StreetSmart SA was established in 2005 and since then have raised over R7,7 million for street children, and children at risk.

In participating restaurants, diners can add a voluntary R5, or more to their table bill.

At the end of each month, the restaurant transfers all the donated R5's to StreetSmart. The funds are used to support reputable organisations that assist vulnerable children through education, skills training and family reunification programmes. Every cent raised in StreetSmart restaurants goes directly to support children.

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Customer awareness

The R5 donation is voluntary and can easily be removed from the bill upon request. Customers rarely object, in fact they’re delighted to have an opportunity to help the homeless. Our experience has shown that less than 1% of customers decline to participate; in fact they often request that more than R5 be added to the bill.


Electronic tills record donations, so administration is minimal. Just collect the total amount at the end of each month and pay it over to StreetSmart.

Restaurant staff and tips

It’s quick and easy for staff to operate, and most welcome the chance to help the homeless. Most restaurants find that participating in StreetSmart has no effect on the level of tipping. In fact customers are happy to contribute, and don’t make any adjustment to the level of tip they would normally leave for a meal.

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