From l.t.r. Niel Els Turnberry Hotel Melanie Burke StreetSmart SA and Franzu Bezuidenhout FAMSA Karoo LR

From l.t.r. Niel Els (Turnberry Hotel), Melanie Burke (StreetSmart SA) and Franzu Bezuidenhout (FAMSA Karoo) 

StreetSmart SA has handed over R15,000 to an organisation caring for Oudtshoorn’s most vulnerable children. The handover took place at Turnberry Boutique Hotel in Oudtshoorn.

This grand effort is part of the total StreetSmart allocation of over R1 million for 2020 distributed nationally to 38 programmes working with children at risk.

The StreetSmart Oudtshoorn beneficiary is FAMSA Karoo, and the funds donated will be utilised towards a life-skills educational project for boys.

Guests at StreetSmart Oudtshoorn Handover Event

Guests at StreetSmart Oudtshoorn Handover Event

“Thank you for the opportunity to partner with StreetSmart again. We will recruit 30 boys from the local schools, to be equipped with essential coping and life-skills with the focus on self-awareness, self-esteem and self-protection. We are very grateful for your support of our work,” said Franzu Badenhorst, Director at FAMSA Karoo.

StreetSmart is a community initiative that raises funds for programmes that support social normalisation of vulnerable and street children making a real difference to their lives, in partnership with restaurants, accommodation establishments and wine tasting venues. Funds are raised by adding a R5 donation to each patron’s bill. This donation is voluntary and donors are able to contribute more if they wish to. With this generous gesture, StreetSmart establishments and their guests are real change makers in their own communities.

“In the past I was involved with street kids in Sedgefield, but those efforts to help did not bring long-lasting positive change for the children. I feel StreetSmart is more structured and a better way to help children in need. This is an amazing cause, thank you for adding us!” says Rob Hofmeyr, owner of Thorny Creek Brewery and Red Bus Café, who just joined the StreetSmart Oudtshoorn initiative.

StreetSmart fundraising partners in Oudtshoorn f.l.t.r. Jacques Conradie Karusa Rob Hofmeyr Thorny Creek Melanie Burke StreetSmart SA and Niel Els Turnberry Hotel LR

StreetSmart fundraising partners in Oudtshoorn f.l.t.r. Jacques Conradie (Karusa), Rob Hofmeyr (Thorny Creek), Melanie Burke (StreetSmart SA) and Niel Els (Turnberry Hotel) 

Neil Els, StreetSmart Brand Ambassador, had this to add: “Our children are our future. Your R5 makes a difference.  StreetSmart is one of only a few charity organisations where every cent donated via the StreetSmart programme, goes to a nominated local beneficiary. We are proud to be part of this initiative and we are grateful for the generosity of diners and restaurants in town for supporting this cause.”

Restaurant @ Karusa, Thorny Creek Brewery and Red Bus Café - Turnberry Restaurant have all embraced StreetSmart and are making a difference in their community.

“With the help of our generous supporters, StreetSmart continues to stand out as an important conduit of much needed funding for our beneficiary organisations. In spite of current financial pressures making it harder for people to donate, StreetSmart will be disbursing over R1 million to beneficiaries nationally for the sixth consecutive year, enabling us to support 38 programmes. We are so excited to be able to continue this work through responsible giving and we invite restaurants, accommodation establishments and wine tasting venues to become StreetSmart in their local communities,” says Melanie Burke, Chairman of StreetSmart SA.



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100% of donations in partner establishments go to children’s programmes and none for administrative costs. GIVE RESPONSIBLY.