When he was only six years old, John was abandoned by his father who left him with a friend and never returned. Neither biological parents have been contactable since. When asked about his parents, John says that he doesn’t have any. He is an independent young boy who has bonded well with his foster mother and foster siblings. He is the oldest child in his foster home and takes this responsibility very seriously. He is very protective of the younger children and generous in making sure if he gets a treat, they do too.

John is doing exceptionally well at school and excels on the sports field whether it be running, soccer or tennis. Soccer is his favourite sport but he can play anything. Due to John not having a birth certificate, he has been unable to participate in sport at school.

 We have done research to enrol John into a private school as this might enable him to participate more freely in sports without any barriers. He is certainly excited about his new journey he will be going on in the new year as a ‘young man going to high school’. John’s first year of high school, school transport costs and his extra mural Karate lessons are sponsored.

John can be very proud of himself as there were more than two thousand applications for Grade 8 next year - his academic record and behaviour reports from teachers were what secured him the place. 

Considering all the challenges he has faced, it is incredible how John has excelled and achieved within the circle of care of his foster family.


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