My father died when I was very little, so the only income was my mom’s money she earned for being a maid. She raised me, my two brothers and sister on her own and I’m very proud of her.

But then something awful happened. My mom got very sick and could barely do anything for herself. At that time, we didn’t have anybody to ask for help with food or support.  So, the only people we could talk to were the social workers at the Norsa community center. We spoke about our circumstances and they started to come to our house every week for observation and support.

We started to attend the Norsa Library and the after-school project where they helped us with our homework and assignments. We started doing really well at school. While my mom was in the hospital, we had something to eat every day after school at the care center. Since then, we received emotional support, family support, love support and a lot of caring.

Every month we started receiving our school package which included school cloths, books, and fees and we received help every day after school. We also received a hamper which included lots of different foods for a whole month. While my mom was recovering, we were supported by Norsa and it really benefited us. If I’m correct, since then till now it has been 13 years Norsa has been supporting us socially and financially.

Currently I’m a third-year education student and to be honest Norsa is still a HELPING HAND in our lives. My first year was a bit of a financial struggle. We didn’t have enough to pay my fees so Norsa jumped in and pay my whole first year course plus giving me a travelling allowance and something extra for food during the day on campus. They paid my school fees and paid for the books I needed.

Thank you, Geneva, for always been there for me as a young student. Geneva is one of the social workers that really stands out for me as an individual. For the love and support you give I thank you a lot. Thanks for pushing me to my fullest best, I admire your passion to see others grow and rise.

On the behalf of my family I would like to thank Norsa and the Team for the support and love they gave us all these years.

We love you lots Norsa,






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