Dalene Swart was raised by a social worker and a financial advisor, individuals with different outlooks on life. Early childhood dinner conversations, daily exposure to social issues and inequality, along with the “money-matters” anecdotes guided her towards a life of “Action For Good”. 

Her participation in provincial team sport disciplines taught her the importance of planning and preparation, practice and persistence, the skill to have patience when recovering from an injury and the power of teamwork.  But her heart still belongs to the hospitality industry, where as a teenager she fostered an understanding for people, communication, respect, discipline, conflict and yes, the joys of life; being of service to others.

She uses Digital Communication, Events and Fundraising to tell stories of hope, success, positive change, and social impact.  With close to 25 years' experience in the Non-Profit Sector, attention to detail, compassion, the ability to think “out-of-the-box” and a passion for networking she sees opportunities to connect individuals, businesses, and government to help build a stronger, healthier South Africa.  

Dalene joined StreetSmart as a director on 01 February 2023.



Email: streetsmartsa@gmail.com


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