StreetSmart South Africa

And here we now are after 19 years, saying our final farewell to an incredibly wonderful group of supporters of our StreetSmart initiative.   

Our mission was clear:  to help street children and children at risk of landing on the streets, through family reunification, education and skills training programmes, to be reintegrated into society and to live a viable life.

You were part of our circle of support and the way in which you partnered, donated, helped, served, collaborated and endorsed our activities, you were instrumental in StreetSmart’s successes.  On behalf of the children, please receive our deep and heartfelt gratitude! 

StreetSmart SA’s legacy will continue, as you continue to give responsibly and not give donations on the streets, it only keeps the children coming back onto the streets.

We are remembering the Good Times, the Tough Times and the Joy of Knowing that we have made a difference, one child at a time, to many, many children and their families! 

Never stop doing good.  "You have not lived, until you have done something for someone who can never repay you." -  John Bunyan

Warmest regards and blessings,

Reinette Retief

National Administrator and the StreetSmart SA Board






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