School of Hope is a registered special-needs secondary school that provides a second chance at education for at-risk, vulnerable children and youth, that includes former street children, rehabilitated drug addicts, and children from abusive, neglectful homes. There is no requirement of an entrance exam, only the prerequisite that students demonstrate a willingness to learn. They offer computer application technology (CAT) as a compulsory subject to ensure that every learner leaves the school in possession of knowledge that they can use in the current information age and in their future career.

School of Hope


Noma’s story: Noma enrolled for the first time in Grade 8 at the School of Hope and, she is currently doing her Grade 12. She was one of the learners who detested Computer Application Technology as a subject at the start. Noma was left with no other option than to embrace the subject CAT, since it is a mainstream subject at the School of Hope. She started taking CAT in Grade 10 and each and every year, she has put in her very best in the subject. Noma achieved 85% in CAT for the First Term of 2019, and she is hoping to deliver our first distinction in CAT at the school of Hope at the end of the year in her final Exam. She is now very passionate with the subject and she goes out of her way to encourage and tutor Grade 10 learners in the subject during her break. Noma is another story of Hope for us, and we can only be thankful to our generous donor, StreetSmart, for making this possible for us

StreetSmart Cape Town provided School of Hope with a R90,000 disbursement towards the computer skills training instructor salary.


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