BecomingKids functions as one of the projects under Stellumthombo, a registered NPC with PBO status. BecomingKids is an early intervention programme focusing on high risk children living in the Cloetesville area in Stellenbosch. This programme addresses the needs of such children through a holistic approach that focuses on the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of each individual child and has a specific focus on mentorship and peer learning.



Feedback from Stellumthomgo:

The BecomingKids program had 42 children in their program coming on a weekly basis, during 2018. There was a total of 819 contact sessions with the children, 588 of which were used as mentor sessions and 231 of these were additional intervention sessions which were helped funded by StreetSmart.

In the light of the escalating violence in Cloetesville, it is easy to lose hope and perspective. For the children in the BecomingKids project this violence is part of their reality. While it has always been there, this year there is a new underlying sense of panic among them - they no longer feel safe.

It is in this light that we once again just realised that the value we add to the lives of the children is crucial to them flourishing in their circumstances. More and more we hear from the children that, through the mentorship programme, and that which they experience at BecomingKids, is a time in their week where they can just be, breathe and let go. Even though it is far too short, the time at BecomingKids gives them the perspective to not fall under the control of the structures and myths oppressing the children of communities such as Cloetesville where life outside of violence and gangsterism seems like a fairy tale.

StreetSmart Stellenbosch has contributed R20,000 to Stellumthombo – BecomingKids, towards a learning support facilitator salary.


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