Kidstop’s focus is to connect with the children and youth, through street outreach and the Drop-in Centre, where the children participates in a variety of activities giving each child the opportunity to develop his or her own individual talent.


The children find a safe environment where they can learn informally and get motivated to prepare for mainstream schooling. These children are placed into mainstream schools with great success.

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Amos’s story:

One of the boys that we were working with on the street, Amos, was regularly skipping school to go and beg on the street.

He would walk about 6km from his home into town and when we asked him why he was not at school, he would answer that it was raining and that’s the reason why he was not at school, although the school is less than half a kilometer from his house.

We engaged with Amos every time the staff met him on the street, but then he started to run away to avoid them. We spoke to his mother and explained the dangers for him being on the street.


Amos enrolled and faithfully attended the Adolescent Development Program presented by Kidstop at his school. He also went on a weekend camp, where he was reminded about the dangers on the streets and was challenged to think about his future and his dreams.

At the camp, Amos spoke to one of the staff members who told him about the potential that was locked up in him and that he was the only one that could release it. He was asked to think about what he wanted to achieve in life. Amos replied that he would like to be a Police Officer and that he wanted to provide for his mother. Subsequently, he stopped being on the street and attended school regularly.


When we visit his community, Amos, makes sure that we notice him there and he would proudly tell us that he was not begging anymore.

StreetSmart George provided YFC Kidstop with a R20,000 disbursement towards a child and youth care worker salary.


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