Andre Putter ACVV Bright Lights and Melanie Burke StreetSmart SA

Andre Putter (ACVV Bright Lights) and Melanie Burke (StreetSmart SA)

Since 1997, ACVV Bright Lights, a registered child and youth care centre, assists high risk children in the Helderberg basin to reintegrate into the community and empowers them with alternatives to taking refuge on the streets. The StreetSmart funds will go towards the salary of a social worker.

From l.t.r. Annette Beller Sogor Jenny Wensing Toni Maguire and Caroline Bagley

From l.t.r. Annette Beller-Sogor, Jenny Wensing, Toni Maguire and Caroline Bagley

“We want to express our heartfelt appreciation to StreetSmart for the allocation for 2020. This will ensure that we are able to provide a quality service to children in need. The motto of the ACVV comes to mind: ‘Together in service for the community,’” says Andre Putter, Social worker, ACVV Bright Lights.

From l.t.r Caroline Bagley Judy Brower Adele Dixon and Jessie Dixon

From l.t.r Caroline Bagley, Judy Brower, Adele Dixon and Jessie Dixon

“With the help of our generous supporters, StreetSmart continues to stand out as an important conduit of much needed funding for our beneficiary organisations. In spite of current financial pressures making it harder for people to donate, StreetSmart will be disbursing over R1 million to beneficiaries nationally for the sixth consecutive year, enabling us to support 38 programmes. We are so excited to be able to continue this work through responsible giving and we invite restaurants, accommodation establishments and wine tasting venues to become StreetSmart in their local communities,” says Melanie Burke, Chairman of StreetSmart SA.

Photographer: Andrew Swarts


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