We love to share the feedback of the impact that StreetSmart funding is having on the lives of vulnerable children. 

Ons Plek received funding from StreetSmart Cape Town to use towards a social worker salary. Enjoy reading about Malica’s return to her home…

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“Malica has been with Ons Plek for one year and is currently doing grade 4. She enjoys going to school though she sometimes takes unpermitted walks after school. Malica enjoys doing homework and utilises the time she spends with volunteers.

However, Malica loves telling stories and never sticks to the original story! She loves attention and as a result, in some cases, lies to get it. Malica had to have several sessions with the social worker because her love of and need for attention was placing her in dangerous situations. She would go off with any friendly and flattering man or woman. A lot of work was done on her self-image and self-confidence. A sense of belonging was worked on through using her Life Story Book.

Subsequently Malica was placed back at home. This is one of our success stories because we always try to unify the children with family and back to normal life.”

NOTE: Whilst the story is true, the name/s have been changed in order to protect the child/ren.

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Cape Town


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Aubergine (City Bowl)
Open for deliveries and sit down, Bookings at https://www.aubergine.co.za/book-now/ . See menu and to order Click Here: https://www.aubergine.co.za/deliveries/
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Azure @ 12Apostles Hotel (Camps Bay)
Open for limited sit down. See https://www.12apostleshotel.com/
021 437 9000

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Cape Caprice (Camps Bay)
Open for sit down. See Cape Caprice on Facebook
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City Grill (V&A Waterfront)
Open for sit down. See City Grill on Facebook
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Cafe Extrablatt (Green Point)
Open for deliveries on Bolt Food, and call & collect. See Cafe Extrablatt on Facebook
021 434 3759

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Italian Deli Online
Order authentic Italian cuisine, beverages, domestic and imported wines, and more all online at www.italiandelionline.co.za

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La Mouette Restaurant (Sea Point)
(Temporarily Closed) see www.lamouette-restaurant.co.za/reservations/
021 433 0856

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Moyo @ Kirstenbosch (Newlands)
Open for delivery, call & collect and sit down. See MOYO Kirstenbosch on Facebook for new menu
021 762 9585 | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Neighbourhood Café
Neighbourhood Café @ Ramasibi (Panorama)
Open for deliveries from 9am – 5pm on Uber Eats and Mr Delivery
078 293 5937

Nonna Lina (Gardens)
Open for deliveries, sitdown & collect to order Click Here: order.nonnalina.com
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Purple House
Purple House (Green Point)
Open to accommodate . For bookings visit https://purplehouse.co.za/

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Robinhood Burger & Grill (Gardens)
Open for sit down and deliveries on Uber Eats, Mr Delivery and Yoordi
021 286 3353

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With so many of us at home cooking more meals than usual and eating in, do support StreetSmart through ‘Dine in. Do Good!’

We are asking our friends of StreetSmart, to donate the equivalent of R5 a day (that’s a quarter of the cost of your regular cappuccino!) for 30 days - a total of R150. Of course if you can afford more, we will be so grateful. These funds will enable us to fund our beneficiary social workers and educational programmes for the children, at the end of the year.

You may rest assured that every cent raised in this way will go to our beneficiaries and will not be used for any StreetSmart operational expenses.

"Sadly the need of the children our beneficiaries look after will not dissipate, so please #EatOutHelpOut and #DineInDoGood. Restaurants are opening up one by one so please make sure you support those who support StreetSmart South Africa - Nils Heckscher, hospitality consultant and StreetSmart Board member.

To donate: please make your payment to the StreetSmart SA bank account at Nedbank Foreshore Branch Number 108 309, Account Number: 108 33444 39; Swift code: Ned SZA JJ, with DIDG and your cell phone number as your reference.

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Happiness is…another good news story!

Learn to Live received funding from StreetSmart Cape Town, towards the hospitality workshop training instructor salary. Enjoy reading about Sonia’s goal…

Lean to Live

Sonia is 14 years old and a year-1 learner at the Learn to Live School. Her goal is to become a professional singer, since she is blessed with an exceptional voice. She is quite shy, but when she gets up in front of an audience, she sings with confidence and loves the peace and happiness this brings her. She lives in Hanover Park and says that it’s not always safe there as there is a lot of gangsterism and drugs around. 

She says: “My family is poor, and my mom doesn’t have work, my father works on and off.” Sometimes she goes to bed without food. There are times when they do not have electricity and it is dark and cold. Sonia sometimes gets scared and sad when her father consumes alcohol and starts arguing with her mom.

Yet she comes to school with a smile on her face and hides her anger, sadness and helplessness from her peers.  “I don’t know what I would do without the school, and Ms Shereen, my teacher. When I feel like giving up and leaving the school, she motivates me to pick myself up and to carry on. The teachers at the school make the impossible, seem possible.” Sonia loves hospitality and is now trying out her skills to the delight of her mom. Through her singing she makes people happy. “I am grateful for this school - for giving me food, education and travelling money to complete my schooling and to find a job one day so that I can help my family.”

NOTE: Whilst the story is true, the name/s have been changed in order to protect the child/ren.


It is so exciting to share the outcomes of what StreetSmart funding enables and achieves - bringing real, long-lasting social change in the lives of vulnerable children and their families. Sinethemba Youth Projects received funding from StreetSmart Knysna towards a social auxiliary worker salary.

Waydon Kiwido (10 years) grew up in a dysfunctional household with his single mother and two older brothers. His mother who is an alcoholic lost her job at the end of 2018 and as a result they went to bed most nights without food. During a one-on-one session Waydon said that most days the meal he had at school was the only meal for the day. It was during that time that his behaviour at school drastically changed for the worst. He would bully smaller boys, hitting them viciously in the school ablution block and swearing at the teachers. He would bunk and disrupt classes of mostly female teachers and became the contender for the most rude and unwanted child at school in no time. Parents of the children being bullied by him requested the school to take a stand and remove him from the school. The school unsuccessfully tried to get his mother to come and talk to them. The Principal then decided to refer the case to the Department of Education’s local district office. They approached Sinethemba to enrol him in the Drop-in Centre programme for the time being. During that time, he had to be taken to the school to check in every 7th day to keep him on the school register.

For the whole 1st quarter (January – March) Waydon attended the Sinethemba life and social skills programme. His mother also started to participate in the parent programmes. He was reintegrated into the same school in April and impressed his critics at the school almost every day. “He is now even wearing a tie to school”, one of the male teachers said. He recently got three medals for participating in the cycle club in Knysna.

NOTE: Whilst the story is true, the name/s have been changed in order to protect the child/ren.


Our hearts go out to our Fundraising Partners unable to trade during these difficult times.

Until our partners are up and running again, you can help us to continue raising funds to maintain essential services for vulnerable children and their families by supporting our COVID-19 campaign.

Dine in. Do good!

We cannot do this without you.

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