Sue and her brother were removed from their parents by the court due to their severely abusive home environment. Both parents were drug addicts, abusive and the kids were neglected. They were placed with a foster family, but after a short period the foster family rejected them. They felt that nobody cared or loved them. Feelings of not being good enough influenced the way they thought about their future. They felt that dreaming of a better one was pointless.

Sue and her brother were then placed in PEN’s care. Sue was 9 years old at the time. PEN committed to provide a stable and loving home for her and her brother and have journeyed with them both for 8 years now. Both children had been severely traumatized by their past experiences.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic this programme continued to impact positively on the lives of children and their families in Hillbrow. It is a fact that most of the children are very dependent on the meal they have at the drop-in centre and others still need the social support even though gatherings were prohibited. MES JHB managed to give daily meals or monthly food parcels to the families, allowing them to make use of the social work services and also communicating openly with parents to reduce panic during these trying times. 

The team also gave out worksheets for learners to do at home and with these we received positive feedback from parents. 

Last year our After-school programme learners showed much improvement academically. One of them is Lerato, in Grade 5, who was unable to do maths when she joined the After-school programme. Her group leader at the time, Banele, was able to help her with her maths and English. At the end of the year Lerato received a level 7 for Maths, which is the highest that one can achieve in this grade. 

We trust that in 2021 we will be able to continue at full capacity with the After-school programme which gives invaluable assistance to learners at the risk of dropping out of school. 


StreetSmart - Cape Camino

Join the StreetSmart weekend Cape Camino 2021
A StreetSmart SA Fundraiser.

Take some much-needed time out and come walk with us
from Riebeek Kasteel to Tulbagh.
Friday 16 July - Sunday 18 July 2021



During the reporting period a child was transferred to Bright Lights from another facility that had to unfortunately close. This child has been in the childcare system since the age of nine. According to the information received, he was cared for by his father since he was six months old. Apparently, his father fetched him from the mother for a visit and never returned. After a while his father was not able to care for him anymore and left him at a social worker’s office. He has not had any contact with his family since then. 

Anathi, aged 10, was admitted to Kids Haven just ahead of lockdown, being placed at Kids Haven through Child Welfare, after she ran away from home. She left home due to physical abuse by her mother and being expected to do all the household chores to care for her younger brothers aged 5 and 6. She was attending her local school and was in Grade 5 at the time of her removal.

In a recent discussion with her social worker, Anathi revealed that she had been sexually assaulted by a cousin while living with her paternal grandmother. She did tell her mother about the alleged rape but nothing was done. 

She moved to live with her mother when she started school. Her mother has had two boyfriends in the past three years, both have been violent with her mother and Anathi has witnessed this domestic abuse.





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