Mary came to school one day and while doing her work, her teacher touched her back and she flinched. It was on further enquiry by the teacher, that it was found that Mary had very bad lashes on her back. The teacher acted swiftly and contacted the social worker immediately. On investigation it was discovered that the child had been hit by one of her parents as a form of discipline. The matter was immediately referred to the local statuary body, ACVV, and she was removed and placed in the care of a family member.

The social workers of the ACVV and The Kusasa Project have walked a long journey together assisting the child and her parents. Through support and parent guidance the child has successfully reintegrated into the family home and her parents are able to use more effective discipline techniques. As a whole the family is flourishing.



In our engagement with the ECD centres, we have had tremendous positive feedback regarding our training. In 2020 we facilitated training for the 14 centres, teaching them what is expected from the Department of Social Development’s standard operating procedures to open within the COVID reality. 

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