Aristotle said: Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.  At The Kusasa Project they do both, with funding received from StreetSmart Franschhoek, towards a social worker salary.

Through the approach of focusing on the entire family system, as opposed to only on the individual children, we have seen a marked improvement in the lives of families. Despite being a good student, Mary-Anne was born into a family with a history of alcohol and drug abuse. Her mother was exposed to physical and emotional abuse herself and had a very disruptive and dysfunctional childhood. Through the platform of our parent workshops, her mother was able to come to terms with some of the challenges of her own upbringing. She has been able to release the anger that she has felt and focused on her role as a mother. She has been able to learn new skills for parenting Mary-Anne and in turn break the cycle of dominating and abusive parenting styles. I quote her: “A broken mother will raise broken children. I want to be a fixed mother who raises fixed children!"

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Jenny Stricker-Greeff, (StreetSmart JHB), Nicodemus Setshedi (MES JHB) with Melanie Burke (StreetSmart SA)  LR.jpg Melanie Burke (StreetSmart SA) in the centre, with Sam Mokgopha (MD) and Moira Simpson (Founder) from Kids Haven LR LR.jpg

What should have been a year of celebrating StreetSmart’s 15th anniversary of making a difference, turned into a year of relentless challenges brought about by COVID-19’s devastating impact on StreetSmart’s major source of fundraising. Despite the 5-month lockdown of the hospitality industry, StreetSmart managed to raise a total R615 000 to support 35 organisations working with the country’s most vulnerable children for 2021.

Home from Home PLETT Projects in collaboration with Bitou Family Care received funding from StreetSmart Plettenberg Bay, towards social worker supervision.

In one of the Bitou Family Care cluster foster care homes in PLETT, lived a boy, who through hard work and determination did his Matric last year. He has had his share of problems in his short life and got involved with the wrong friends. However, through his faith, a very powerful understanding of what‘s right and wrong, and his strong sense of justice, he pulled through this difficult time in his life.

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He has a very supportive house mother and she assisted and motivated him wherever she can. After finishing his final exams in November, he moved to Cape Town to start his internship at a big church, as his wish is to become a pastor.

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How wonderful and heart-warming to take a moment to focus on the impact of and reason behind all our StreetSmart fundraising efforts.

Though he is four years old, Mike is the size of a two-and-a-half-year-old, as his growth was stunted due to malnutrition. He is HIV+ and his health had been compromised as he hadn’t been consistently kept on anti-retroviral medication and taken to the clinic for check-ups. Mike’s mother had no interest in him and hadn’t visited him regularly over the years.

When she did eventually visit the sanctuary he’d been moved to, it was clear that she was only there to see if there was a handout. She had no real interest in him. More concerning was the change in Mike, who had opened up and became engaging, lively and chatty. Once he saw his mom, Mike became very anxious and withdrawn.

Happiness is…another good news story, highlighting the reality that a child is never helped in isolation; the parents and siblings always become part of the outreach and the holistic solution in putting the child on the road to recovery.

Kidstop’s focus is to connect with the children and youth, through street outreach and the Drop-in Centre. At Kidstop the children find a safe environment where they can learn informally and get motivated to prepare for mainstream schooling. These children are placed into mainstream schools with great success.

StreetSmart George provided YFC Kidstop with funding towards a child and youth care worker salary. 

We held a Parenting Skills training workshop for those parents whose children were on the street and attending the Drop-in Centre. We had such a wonderful time of fellowship, encouragement, training, fun and amazing food as well. The eleven parents that attended the three days had benefited tremendously. They were given an assignment to implement what they had learnt and had to give feedback the following day. The parents then said that they understood how important it was to be a responsible parent. One parent said that the training came at the right time as she and her daughter were always fighting about everything. She said that she learned to communicate in a soft tone of voice and not to shout and that her daughter listened to her and she was able to listen to her daughter.


StreetSmart South Africa supports World Homeless Day as it highlights the plight of millions of homeless people across the world. We encourage local communities to be part of the solution by giving responsibly.

Acting as a conduit fundraising organisation, StreetSmart partners with restaurants, accommodation establishments, wine tasting venues and online businesses, to receive donations from patrons.

StreetSmart ensures that every cent donated goes towards supporting locally run programmes that prevent the vulnerable from becoming street children and help those already on the streets through reintegration back into schools or their families, to achieve long-term interventions.

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