PEN-Streetwise Projects reaches out to orphaned, vulnerable and street children, reconciling them where possible, with their families. Alternatively, children who do not have access to family, parents or caring adults, are offered care and support at the Leratong Child and Youth care Center.

PEN Streetwise Project received R15,000 from StreetSmart Pretoria, towards a social worker salary.



Ons Plek is the only NPO in the Western Cape focussing exclusively on young girls and successfully re-unites female street children with their families and, failing that, they are sufficiently empowered at Ons Plek Projects to grow into healthy, independent, functioning members of society. Further preventative programms are run in the Philippi community.


Masizame, a registered Child and Youth Care Centre, believes that children need safe and steady families to create and establish their support bases. Masizame recognises the effect of the trauma of removing a child from his/her family on a child, and as such, fully subscribe to the Department of Social Development’s aim to shift the emphasis to family preservation through early intervention services.



Henry’s story: At the tender age of one, Henry’s father was sentenced to 25 years in prison and to this day, they do not have contact. Henry`s mother moved to Plettenberg Bay in 2015 and here, he was bullied daily by his peers and as a result, dropped out of school.

Suna, a bright young girl, is on the verge of becoming a young adult. She is smiling and looking forward to what life holds for her. This was not the case little more than a year ago.


She never knew her mother or her father since they passed away when she was still very young. Her aunty took her in. She is the youngest of 8 children and has seen and experienced more “stuff” than a girl of her age should endure. Heideveld, a suburb of Cape Town taught her to be very careful of who you interact with and not to trust anyone. Growing up with siblings that were depended on drugs, she saw what profound impact this had on her family and on herself. Suna went to the local primary school, but did not really perform according to mainstream education requirements. The headmaster of the school referred her to the Learn to Live School of Skills.


Since 1992, Kids Haven is focused on protecting homeless children and children in crisis, and giving them a future. Kids Haven uses the PACE home-schooling system in the Bridging School Classes for general remediation of the children. It offers very basic Literacy and Numeracy skills – up to a Grade 3 level. This is a critical programme in the process of stabilizing the behaviour of children new to Kids Haven.


Bright Lights is registered as a Drop-in Centre as well as a Child and Youth Care Centre for high risk and street children. Their objective is to reunify children with their family or significant others, and reintegrate the children back into society in the Helderberg basin.



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100% of donations in partner establishments go to children’s programmes and none for administrative costs. GIVE RESPONSIBLY.