It is always a joy to share the feedback of the impact that StreetSmart funding is having on the lives of vulnerable children. The Amy Foundation received funding from StreetSmart Cape Town towards after school care programme facilitator fees, and here is one of their good news stories:

Amy Foundation children
Thirteen-year-old Joanie joined the after-school programme based in Gugulethu, at the age of eight. Some of her biggest challenges were having nothing to do, nothing to eat and roaming around the streets of Gugulethu. As a young child she felt unsafe in the township as it is a high crime location. Being in the after-school programme made her feel much safer and more secure. After joining the Literacy programme she became a dedicated attendee. Through her life skills training and the literacy programmes, she learned to respect her elders and stay in school. When asked what has been the most important thing she has learned or achieved during her time with the programme, she replied: “I learned how to read and write. I also learned how to respect others at all times. I learnt that not everyone is the same and I learnt how to share and not make fun of others.”

NOTE: Whilst the story is true, the name/s have been changed in order to protect the child/ren.

We love to share the feedback of the impact that StreetSmart funding is having on the lives of vulnerable children. 

Cape Town Multi Service Centre child

Cape Town Multi Service Centre received funding from StreetSmart Cape Town  towards two aftercare teachers’ salaries, a family reconstruction worker salary, aftercare supplies, as well as child and youth care worker training.

“One of the grade 3 learners was not showing interest in the aftercare initially and would not attend regularly, but as time passed one could notice that her self-confidence improved, and she started asking questions when she did not understand. She began to show interest in her work and is currently one of those children who arrive first at the aftercare. A lot of improvement can also be observed in her mathematical skills which she struggled with at the beginning of the academic year. She is normally very excited when giving feedback of what transpired in class during the day.”

 NOTE: Whilst the story is true, the name/s have been changed in order to protect the child/ren.

We love to share the feedback of the impact that StreetSmart funding is having on the lives of vulnerable children. 

MES (Mould Empower Serve) received funding from StreetSmart Johannesburg towards their after schools programme co-ordinator salary.

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“Kelly Badukane, who is in Grade 4, joined the After-School Program at the beginning of the year and had a particular challenge with mathematics. Her mother, after hearing about MES, came to speak to us and requested that she attend daily, after school.

The After-School Program coordinator was able to identify Kelly’s struggles and made it easy for her to be open about her challenges. Kelly then received the assistance in those areas which her mother was concerned about. She was assisted with homework and encouraged to practice more. It can now be stated that Kelly is improving and becoming more confident about her schoolwork. After the term examinations her mother came to come thank us for her improvement in mathematics. She is continuing to do great in her schoolwork.” 


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23 April 2020

Dear Friends of StreetSmart SA

COVID-19 Solidarity

We want to reach out to our Fundraising Partners and their workers, who at the moment have no work - our thoughts are with you.

We had hoped to come out of lockdown earlier this month but circumstances regarding the Coronavirus pandemic have made this impossible. Our President has asked us to endure another two weeks of lockdown and indications are that this may take even longer than we expect. We remain hopeful and continue to refine our organisation’s responses to the coronavirus pandemic as we encourage people to give responsibly and raise funds for those in need.

The very essence of StreetSmart South Africa’s fundraising efforts relies on R5 donations received from the public who eat at restaurants, stay at guesthouses and raise a glass at wine tasting venues. In this way, we have been able to raise more than R1 million annually for 38 beneficiary programmes for vulnerable children that support education, skills development and family reunification in the Western Cape, Gauteng and Garden Route.

Social distancing measures imposed right now means that our restaurant, accommodation and wine tasting partners are all under lockdown and our ability to raise funds for our beneficiaries is under severe pressure. Fortunately, when one door closes another door opens. With so many of us at home cooking more meals than usual and eating in, we have come up with a new concept: ‘Dine in. Do Good’ as an interim measure we could include in our lives during the lockdown.  

StreetSmart Beneficiary children with logo landscape LR

StreetSmart SA, which celebrates its 15th anniversary changing children’s lives R5 at a time, has launched ‘Dine in. Do Good!’, an interim measure to raise funds during the lockdown until restaurants can open again.

With StreetSmart hospitality partners under lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic, no funds can be raised through the usual way of adding a R5 donation to the bills of their patrons. To continue raising funds in support of beneficiary organisations working with vulnerable children and their families, StreetSmart SA is appealing to everyone who would usually donate at partner establishments, to continue doing so while dining at home.

“Our hearts go out to our partners in the hospitality industry and we can only hope that they will be able to reopen soon and resume their operations. These lockdown measures have put our ability to raise funds under severe pressure and we appeal to everyone to continue supporting StreetSmart during these unprecedented times,” says StreetSmart SA chairperson Melanie Burke. 

Since its inception in 2005, StreetSmart SA has raised R11,6 million in aid of 31 organisations caring for street children and those at risk of living on the streets through partnerships with restaurants, accommodation establishments and wine tasting venues in the Western Cape, Garden Route and Gauteng.

We love to share the feedback of the impact that StreetSmart funding is having on the lives of vulnerable children.
Masizame Projects received funding from StreetSmart Plettenberg Bay towards a family reunification worker salary, and here is one of their good news stories. 
“Elton is a 13 year old boy who frequently attended the Masizame Drop-in Centre (DIC). In a counselling session he reported to be experiencing trauma at home, due to his father’s physical abuse of his mother.
Following the father’s incarceration after a serious incident, Elton stopped attending the DIC due to an incident of taking cigarettes from another child.
Later on, during a door to door survey, by the Masizame social auxiliary worker, to engage with parents and conduct home based parenting skills, Elton’s mother was also visited. Apart from the financial constraints due to unemployment, she was really struggling with Elton’s behaviour that was out of control ever since his father was incarcerated, to the extent that he eventually was suspended from school.

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Account Holder: StreetSmart South Africa
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